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Customer Support as a tunnel bringing insights

June 23, 2020 | Blogs, Customer Support

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Ever wonder why there are game forums, reviews or why apps notify from time to time if you could rate them? It’s because there are businesses that focus on customer care, they incorporate more ways to value whatever they may have to say for improvement. Your job as a business should not come to a conclusion just because your game has been purchased or your app has been downloaded.

A feedback, whether good or bad, is necessary to bridge your customers and your business.

Customer feedback pertains to collating of positive and negative judgments about the product, service, company or business. It comes in different methods such as in written form, in-person, through phone calls, via emails or conducting surveys. Even with negative insights, customer feedback should still be considered as a support for businesses. Since these written or verbal reviews are evidently helping your business to stay woke.

Customer Support: In Getting Feedback

Gathering feedback could both be direct and indirect, the goal is to accumulate something that could help shape the betterment of your business. While there are whole lot of ways (and even new ones) to get your customer’s feedback, here are some ways you could insert in-between your customer support sessions:


Throwing simple intros like “Good day! How may I help you?” or knowing first and foremost how they found out about your business especially for first-time users is a good help to collect an amount of useful customer feedback.

Ask Directly

Politely ask if the customers may fill out some surveys or questionnaires. Creating rate or review section (like how most mobile apps do), asking if and how your customers are satisfied with the services by laying it out somewhere it could be easily seen is another idea.


Add something in the last part of your emails or phone calls to final check, “Are there any more concerns you would like to bring up?” or “Was I able to answer all your questions?” You could also suggest for them to reach back if they happen to encounter any irregularities again.


This time, there’s no action on your side but rather on the customer’s. Some customers will straightly tell off their disappointments or bad experiences. Some just happens to express their thoughts. Either way, assure them that all will be taken into account.

Pay Attention

Even the main concerns or complaints that you receive on a daily basis could bring something to the table. Listen carefully to every customer’s point and pay attention even to their disposition.


Any interaction of your customer with your business is somehow giving your business a feedback. Building a good rapport while dealing with your customers could be a way to push a feedback to a greener side. A plain statement even not directing to customer support issue (could be online comments or expressions) could generate an idea to improve your business.

Common Ground

Pay your full attention on the commonalities of the responses of each and every customer. More than one is considered many as they say, getting two and up reactions sharing the same thought could help identify problems or anticipate new ones.

Customer support is about dealing with customers’ concerns about your product or service, it requires being available 24/7, able to cover several languages and willing to go for an extra mile. Excelling in this would not only benefit your customer service department but also every aspect of your business. And honestly, what better way to get feedback than to directly deal with customers and an issue in hand everyday? Welcoming customers’ feedback is already a build up to your company. By appreciating each of their voices, you’re promoting trust and value. Gaining positive feedback could amplify the favors in your business, while there are takeaways in a negative one. Since a feedback is broad, it could be of value to any developments which could bring an advancement in strategy if put any customer’s insights to good use.


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