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Constant Improvement. Absolute Dedication. Smooth Execution.

We’re a team of unique and vibrant individuals united by a common goal, and that is to make each game support experience a delightful one. We help solve customer support issues in a swift and genuine manner since it is the best way to do it.

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why you'll love us

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globally competent

Are you ready to take your game to the global stage? We have a team of English-proficient individuals who will be working with you 24/7.

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Is your business hitting the right targets? We measure our success with metrics that matter to your business. We yield higher satisfaction rates and faster resolution time.

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Do you want to establish rapport with your players? We make sure that you get connected with them through accommodating responses.

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gamer mindset

Travellers are meant to take on adventures together, right? We believe that people who love games can best support people who play games. We’re also experienced in solving different types of player issues, so that’s a plus.

what we do best

ticket management

We use industry-standard CRM software in taking care of your customer support needs. We have our own company-developed mailing system but we can also adjust to the system that you have. Don’t worry! We learn and adapt quickly.

knowledge base building

We’re dedicated in making everyone’s life easier, so updating our knowledge base is something that we do regularly. Because of this, we are able to quickly solve recurring issues in a few minutes.

admin tool expertise

We’re experienced in managing different admin tools provided by our clients to quickly check the game’s status, check players’ information, and perform account actions.

performance reports

We recommend key metrics to our clients so we can regularly evaluate our performance efficiently. We also welcome constructive criticism, which is why we have regular meetings with clients to improve our customer’s experience based on data.

custom reports creation

We like to know what kind of data is important to your business, so we can give you regular reports to help you reach your goals.

some kind words


CS Operation Manager

NGames Ltd.

adish international helped improve our Average Time To First Response from 4hrs to 50 minutes, and grew our customer satisfaction from zero to 8.2/10! They also gave tremendously helpful recommendations on complaint management, labeling, and delivering responses. Loads of thanks to the team, and we’d be very happy to recommend them to other companies who are looking for a 24/7 customer support team for their games.

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