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Social Application Support

By providing high quality 24/7 customer support in 26 languages, we guarantee that your users will be heard and their concerns will be resolved within the day.

Our Support Experts got you covered!

Game Customer Support

The simplest way to grow and maintain your customer base is by keeping your players happy. We take pride in our work through our mission of bringing “delight in every connection.” As we work with 27% of the top 52 game publishers, we ensure every user’s expectation is always exceeded.

Our Game Masters got you covered!

Ticket Management

We use industry-standard CRM software in taking care of your customer support needs. We have our own company-developed mailing system but we can also adjust to the system that you have. Don't worry! We learn and adapt quickly.

Performance Report

We recommend key metrics to our clients so we can regularly evaluate our performance efficiently. We also welcome constructive criticism, which is why we have regular meetings with clients to improve our customer's experience based on data.

Admin Tool Expertise

We're experienced in managing different admin tools provided by our clients to quickly check the game's status, check players' information, and perform account actions.

Knowledge Base Building

We're dedicated in making everyone's life easier, so updating our knowledge base is something that we do regularly. Because of this, we are able to quickly solve recurring issues in a few minutes.

Custom Reports Creation

We like to know what kind of data is important to your business, so we can give you regular reports to help you reach your goals.


Social Media Management

In this social media driven world, one unhappy user review can turn into hundreds of doubting users. Our mission is to prevent the loss of your source of revenue by providing capable teams who can grow and manage your community so that you can focus more on what you do best!

Social Media Analytics and Consultation

Want to gain more insights about your brand?

We can help you to learn about your audience through the use of social media. This knowledge can help in making campaigns and product offers to your target audience, which will provide you a better return of investment.

Content Creation and Curation

Need content to help increase your followers, reach, and engagement?

We can suggest content types, visuals, organize your editorial calendar, write copies, and post your content. Just something to help you focus on bigger things

Community Management

Do people spam your social media page with ads and hate? Or don't have time to reply to messages and comments?

We can remove spam, and give authentic, genuine responses - the kind that your players can connect with.

Social Media Listening

Need to know how people think about your game across multiple platforms?

We can do a thorough online research about your customers and present you with insightful and actionable reports.


Innovation Support

Does your company feel the need to innovate faster just to stay afloat and be effective?

Our Innovation Support facilitates 2 kinds of workshops, the Lightning Decision Jam and Design Sprint. Both workshops can be done online or in-person.

Lightning Decision Jam

This is a 1-2 hours workshop. Best when you're looking to bring a group of people in your team together to define problems, generate and prioritize ideas, then take action on solutions without wasting time on long discussions or meetings. It's inspired by the core principles of the design sprint: Work together, alone.

Design Sprint

Invented at Google Ventures by Jake Knapp, this revolutionary workshop will engage the team to perform structured brainstorming to answer critical business questions through co-creation, rapid prototyping, and testing ideas with your customers. This 4-day activity will provide a clear roadmap for companies who want to enter new markets, for developing and fixing their product design, features, and functionalities.


Why choose adish?


Take the hassle out of managing, training, and hiring a team; as well as preparing templates and tools.


Use your valuable resources to focus on other aspects you want!


Customer queries are relative to growth - let us help you maintain capacity.


Our experienced teams know what needs to be done, and thus able to act and advise.

Kinds Words from Our Clients

"adish International helped Improved our AHT response from 4 hours to 50 minutes, and grew our customer satisfaction from zero to 8.2/10! They also gave a tremendously helpful recommendation on complaint management, labeling, and delivering responses. Loads of thanks to the team, and we'd be very happy to recommend them to other companies who are looking for 24/7 customer support team for their games."


CS Operation Manager

Gamesamba Ltd.

Let us help you connect with your users all over the world!

We can provide support in 26 languages (including English) and more!

Asian & Middle eastern

  • Mandarin Chinese,
  • Traditional Chinese,
  • Korean,
  • Japanese,
  • Bengali,
  • Thai,
  • Vietnamese,
  • Malaysian,
  • Bahasa Indonesia,
  • Turkish,
  • Hindi,
  • Filipino,
  • Arabic


  • Spanish,
  • Portuguese,
  • French,
  • German,
  • Polish,
  • Italian,
  • Russian,
  • Dutch,
  • Greek,
  • Swedish,
  • Norwegian,
  • Daneis

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