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Passionate gamers, geeks, bookworms, hobbyists, sports fans, and travellers.

If you are looking for a fun, young, and dynamic team where you can express your passion while honing your skills, get your application ready and let’s make a difference!

Perks and Benefits of Working in adish

Recreation and Relaxation

We believe that a stressed mind negatively influence one’s productivity. In adish, we have board games, entertainment systems, and unlimited access to our free office WiFi. We also encourage our members to step away from their desk once in a while for a breath of fresh air.

Get competitive health care plans

We take great care of our members, so that they can take good care of our customers. Employee welfare is a top priority and we don’t want anyone in our team worrying about hospital bills.

Learning and Self Improvement

We believe that there’s an endless road for professional development. We encourage our full-time members to take extra curricular trainings such as language classes, online lectures, and workshops so they can reach their full potential and gain new skills for their career.

Performance Incentive

For evaluation/feedback, we hold a quarterly performance meeting. This meeting can also be used by the members to discuss salary and life plans directly with the upper management.

Laid-back atmosphere

We create a free, flat, and open work environment. May it be a CEO or an Intern, we sit side by side freely expressing our opinions and communicating as people.

Fun employee events

Here in adish, we have events to improve motivation. We have annual team building, summer camp, Town Hall meetings, team dinner, appreciation parties and gaming nights.

Friendly work environment

We believe that happy agents can make happy users resulting to happy clients. We motivate our members to have their own team activities and team bonding to strengthen their camaraderie and develop their social skills as well.

Continuous well-being improvement

Ongoing efforts to improve employee care and welfare. More exciting benefits will soon come. Stay tuned!

Your Career

Are you a passionate individual with a positive outlook and loves to learn in a laid back
environment? If you’ve got what it takes, get ready and join us now!

Game Support Associate

Help resolve game inquiries from players through email support.


Social Media Coordinator

Are you interested in managing social media pages?


Web Developer

Do you have knowledge in programming languages?


We are looking for individuals with the following qualities:

Positive Attitude

Honesty and Integrity

Flexible and Adaptable

Effective Communicator




Passionate with Strong Work Ethics

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